One of the first things you should do as you get started with ChamberForge is setting up your group page. After that, you can add group members, meetings, referrals, and so forth.

This article walks you through creation and setting up of a group.

Create a Group

There are two ways to create a group: through home screen and through organization page.

If you are on a free or a trial plan, or if the organization you belong to has given you access to create groups, you can create a group from your home screen. Home screen is the first screen you see after logging in. You can also get to it by clicking on the logo on upper left hand.

If you are a paid subscriber and have created your organization, then you can use the organization page to create a group. For creating a group through the organization page, pleaes refer to the Organization documentation.

Create group

Click on the "Create new group" button and enter a name for your group. After that, your group will be created and you will be automatically redirected to your group dashboard page.

Group Settings

To manage your group such as changing name, adding industry information, or scheduling automated report, you can go to the Group Settings page to do so.

To go to the Group Settings page, click on the small gear icon on top left hand corner. Please note that the icon with one gear is for group settings and the icon with three gears is for organization settings. Latter is only visible if you are a paid subscriber and have created an organization.

Group settings icon

Change Group Name

You can change the name of your group from the Settings tab of group settings page.

Change group name

Add to Organization

If you are a paid subscriber or you have been added to an organization by your organization administrator, you can see the Organization dropdown option. This is if you want to add your group to your organization. If you are on a trial plan or do not belong to an organization, you will not see this option.

If you wish to add your group to an organization, choose the appropriate organization name from the dropdown and click on Save.

Activity report

Configure Industry List

When adding members and guests to a group, one of the fields is industry. If you don't configure the Industry list, then you won't see any values under the Industry field dropdown as you add members and guests.

Industry is also used for reports. So it is important that you configure and manage the Industry list properly.

Depending on how your group is managed, you may or may not be able to edit the Industry list. For example, if you manage your own group and your group does not belong to any organization, then you can manage the Industry list yourself. If, on the other hand, your group belongs to an organzation, then the organization administrator is configures the Industry list for the entire orgnaization and group managers may not be able to change it.

To configure the Industry list, click on the Industry tab and then Add Industry button. Once a window comes up, enter industry one per line. When done, click on Save and close the window.

Industry list

Scheduled Report

The Scheduled report allows users to have the reports sent out in email periodically. You can schedule monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually. If set monthly, a report will go out on 1st of every month. If set quarterly, it will go out on 1st of April (for January to March), 1st of July (for April to June), etc.

The report will be generated in PDF format and included in an email as an attachment.

You can have the scheduled report sent out to all members of a group, or you can add additional emails to have report sent out to those outside ChamberForge. Or you can do both.

To set up a schedule report, go to the group settings by clicking on the gear icon on top left menu. Then click on the Scheduled Reports tab. Following describe what each field does:

  • To All Members - if this is checked, then all members of the group will receive the report
  • Additional Recipients - you can specify additional emails here if you want the report to be sent out to those not in the group
  • Frequency - you can set how often the report will go out
  • Subject - email subject
  • Attachment - select which type of report to automatically generate
  • Message - body to be included in email
  • Enable schedule report - you can turn on or off the schedule report by checking here

Scheduled report

Delete Group

You can delete a group by going to the Delete tab within the Group settings page.

Activity report