Business Closed

When a member reports business closed, it can be tracked with ChamberForge.

Add Business Closed

You can add a new business closed item by going to the Business from the left navigation menu and clicking on the Add New button.

The only required field is member who closed business - rest of the fields are optional. Following describes fields in more detail:

  • Date: Date of business closed or reported
  • Member: Member who closed business
  • Amount: Amount of business closed
  • Source Contact: Member who provided lead or referral
  • Associated Referral: Referral that turned into business closed
  • Associated Meeting: If this was reported at a meeting, you can associate the business closed to the meeting

Add business closed

Edit Business Closed

You can edit an existing business closed by clicking on the Edit button on the business closed item you want to edit from the listing screen.

Edit business closed

Delete Business Closed

You can delete an existing business closed by clicking on the Delete button on the business closed you want to delete from the listing screen.

Delete business closed

Search Business Closed

You can search business closed by member name. Use the search field on top right hand corner to filter business closed by name.

Delete Referral